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Frankie Kimono group formed by connecting three multi-genre musicians, guitarist Peter Zajaček, native Hungarian Tamás Belicza bassist and drummer Jaro Žigo. Peter Zajaček performs with singer Katka Ščevlíková, in addition to operating in the band Medial Banana. Tamas Belicza can catch in a trio with Valer Miko or with a pop Prešporskí Junáci, drummer Jaro Žigo is not only a musician (Medial Banana, Katka Ščevlíková), but and co-owner of Loft studio, producer and sound engineer. The music is influenced by the wide range of genres from blues, jazz, funk to reggae, rock and drum'n'bass. Frankie Kimono played at Bratislava Jazz Days in 2015. Frankie Kimono released in 2016 album called - "RAW". In 2018 band is going to record a new album.